The Smith Family

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River, Mommy and Daddy, 9 months Look at my fancy shmancy bed 6 weeks


When the Smith family traveled to North Dakota last Christmas to visit family, they were not expecting the present that they received.

Tanya and Rance Smith traveled from Gray, Tennessee for Christmas in North Dakota.

On Christmas night, Tanya experienced a premature rupture of the membrane 13 weeks earlier than the family was expecting to add to their family of two.

The family rushed from Ellendale, ND to Essentia Health in Fargo where Tanya was on bedrest for the next seven and a half weeks.

River Eden Smith was born on January 11, 2014 at 3 lbs. 6 oz.

That is where the Ronald McDonald House came in. Rance and Tanya were amazed when they called and there was not a long list of criteria to stay.

Rand said what meant the most to them was…..”the fact that people there actually listened to us and our story….they made us feel at home. The attitudes that permeated the walls were infectious, the smiles contagious, and there was always someone there….it was our safe haven 

If you would like to help other families like the Smith Family, donate here. You can help us continue to provide a home away from home.