The Hay Family

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“She has blood on her brain” are terrifying words a mother never wants to hear. The emergency room team prepared Talia for the helicopter ride to Fargo, Michelle and Alfonso Hay immediately got in their car to drive the 80 miles from Grand Forks to Fargo.

Talia Hay started her 7th day of her freshman year of high school walking down the hall to class. All of a sudden her head started pounding with excruciating pain. When she got to the nurse’s office, Talia became unresponsive and incoherent. She was rushed by ambulance to the hospital in Grand Forks. After a CT scan, they found Talia had blood on her brain. She needed a specialist. In Fargo.

Talia arrived in the helicopter, and things had begun to get worse and she went into surgery. Michelle and Alfonso waited and worried for six hours before they were able to see her. She had tubes everywhere and a huge bandage on her head, but she would be okay. Talia had to stay at the hospital to recover.

All Michelle and Alfonso were worried about was making sure Talia would be okay. They didn’t think about where they would stay. That is where the Ronald McDonald House came in.

Michelle said, “Ronald McDonald House had so much to give…..we didn’t stress about a hotel bill or food. We were able to get rest when we needed it so we could be ready for the day and for Talia”

The Ronald McDonald House not only had a comfortable bed, but food to eat, and an ear to listen. Michelle said, “We are just so grateful for all the House did for us! They helped us with our miracle, by giving us peace of mind with all the other stuff in life.”

Talia truly is a miracle! After 11 days in the hospital, she was able to go home. Talia has no brain damage, no speech issues, and no health issues that can be seen.

Michelle and Alfonso will be speaking more about their Ronald McDonald House experience at the 27th Annual Sweetheart Ball on Saturday, February 13th, 2016 at the Holiday Inn. All proceeds from the Sweetheart Ball go to benefit the two Ronald McDonald Houses in Fargo.

Get your tickets todayIMG_8411 online at or by calling 701-232-3980.