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Merry Christmas text on photo of Christmas store

“Home Away from Home” for the Holidays

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The holiday season is stressful enough… add in a pandemic… and a sick child, and you have many families with a big weight on their shoulders. We want to ease every burden a family may have while they’re staying with us and that includes Christmas shopping!  

As you walk into our conference room, you’re met with much more than a typical meeting space. There are shelves surrounding the walls and toys galore on each shelf. We make sure to have a little something for everyone as moms shop for sons, dads shop for daughters, or sons and daughters shop for moms and dads. Holiday movies play in the background as families enter, wide-eyed and thankful for the experience to choose whatever they’d like for the people they love most – family!  

During one shopping trip with a family, a mom looked over wide-eyed and bewildered and said “This is all donated?” It’s an honor to help parents look for things they know their children will love. “He loves LEGOs so I think he will love this LEGO set,” the mom said as she looked for a gift for her middle son.  

We were even able to share some Christmas spirit with the families using our Ronald McDonald Family Room at Essentia Health when we delivered a bundle of gifts for each family! Each basket was filled with gifts for the whole family – patients, siblings, and parents. 

This experience is made possible by the tremendous support of so many businesses and individuals in this community! Without you, we could not give the biggest gift of the season: peace of mind.  

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, from our joy-filled House to yours!