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Stripes #forRMHC from past RMHC Families

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We want to say thank you to everyone who participated last week in showing their support #forRMHC. We want to say an extra thank you to past RMHC families who allowed us to share their photos & stories during the week. These families have lived through the trials and triumphs that come with the NICU journey. Although they each have a different story, one thing unites them: they all recharged each night at the Ronald McDonald House in Fargo ready to face whatever the next day brought them.  



Alex and Sydney Bata’s birth of their son Lincoln wasn’t easy despite having no problems during pregnancy. Lincoln was immediately airlifted to Sanford Health in Fargo after being intubated because he wasn’t breathing and had signs of seizure activity so doctors placed him on a “cooling mat” where his little body had a better chance of recoveryFor 11 days, the Bata family had privacy to deal with their traumatic circumstances. They were able to worry about Lincoln instead of worrying about whether they were going to be able to stay in Fargo which a choice no family should have to make.  

Two year old Lincoln wearing stripes socks

Lincoln is #forRMHC

Lincoln recently turned two and loves to help his dad in the tractor and play with the family dogs. He’s a healthy growing boy who proudly showed his stripes #forRMHC! 


The Kezer family is no stranger to advocating for RMHC. She was our featured family speaker at our golf tournament in 2019 where she talked about the blur of her son’s birth. Due to preeclampsia, doctors determined it was safer for her and her son if he were delivered at 35 weeks. William weighed 4 pounds, was in respiratory distress, and had to be delivered by emergency cesarean. His first 10 days were spent growing strong in the NICU. During this time, Beth found numerous comforts of home at the Ronald McDonald House.  

Beth is a wonderful advocate for RMHC after living through the experience. She continues to encourage people to collect their pop tabs or donate time, money or resources. “YOU are making a significant impact on the lives of so many families in our community who are going through the emotional turmoil of having sick children.” 

William wearing his striped socks surrounded by pop tabs

William is #forRMHC


The words that Nicole and Travis used to describe RMHC were “life-giving. Togetherness. Community. Family.” When they checked in at 31 weeks, Nicole was battling high liver enzymes in relation to her type 1 diabetes. Thankfully, after a week and a half in the hospital, Nicole’s levels stabilized and doctors said they could be discharged if they stayed close to the hospital. With home being 100 miles away, they turned to RMHC. For 31 days, Nicole was close to appointments and had a sense of “home” as she waited for her baby to arrive.  

Exactly one year after the death of their baby Cameron, who was stillbornNikaia was born healthy at 8 pounds, 21 inches long, and had the same black wavy hair her brother had.  

The Burley Family gathered and wearing their stripes

The Burley’s are #forRMHC


Baby Jacob joined the world 6 weeks early after an unplanned emergency cesarean at Essentia Hospital in Fargo, ND. His parents had no more than the shirts on their backs when they arrive at Ronald McDonald House. During the 2019 Sweetheart Ball, Luke and Melinda retold their story to over 400 people and expressed how thankful they were for the donations of supplies for their newborn and themselves. During times of unrest, Melinda would go to the kitchen, make a cup of tea, and enjoy the solace that was around her.  

During a weekend when their 4 other children visited, they had a blast with the games, crafts, and snacks that they didn’t want to leave! The Ronald McDonald House became a place for the whole family to relax and set their minds at ease after full days in the NICU.  

Davidson's showing their stripes #forRMHC

The Davidson family is seeing stripes #forRMHC