Spring Cleaning + New House Update

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Drawing of new house

We are loving this beautiful weather and hoping Mother Nature graciously gave us the last snowfall on April 26th – we’re ready to embrace springtime! In our anxious anticipation, we created a list and have started completing several spring cleaning tasks. We love making the House beautiful for families who will stay with us during summer months!

Projects we’re working on include organizing our lovely library, living room, caring for the lawn, cleaning gutters and spiffing up anything that needs a little spiffing up on the House’s exterior. If spiffing up is one of your strengths and you’re interested in helping us provide a comfortable, home-like environment for our families, please give Kelly a call! She’s our dedicated Community Outreach Coordinator and will be sure to set you up. Reach her at kelly@rmhcfargo.org or 701-232-3980.

Another project we’ve been working on is fundraising for our new house! To date, we have raised $4,012,834.93 of our $5 million budget. This is due to incredibly generous and dedicated supporters. With plans to break ground this July, this new house will be a replacement of our two current facilities and allow us to double the number of families we serve each day with its 24 guest rooms.

While we are so close to reaching our goal, we still need help today in order to stay on track with our timeline. If you are interested in learning more about our project, please contact Jill (jill@rmhcfargo.org) or Erica (erica@rmhcfargo.org) or call 701-232-3980.