Our Summer Intern : Tony’s story

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Tony picture

Last year, we met a volunteer who came to RMHC to learn about us, our mission, and to do a little yard work for us.

He ended up trimming some tree branches, doing some raking, and eventually helping recycle pop tabs in a very heavy downpour. We thought he was great. This summer, he decided to apply for our intern position, and he became our temporary North house manager for the Summer. Meet Tony! (He’s the one on the right.)

What made you decide to come back to Fargo and the Ronald McDonald House?
“I came to Fargo last year as part of my personal journey to visit all 50 states. While I was here, I wanted to spend a few hours to volunteer with a local charity and I decided to help the Ronald McDonald House. I knew of your mission, and helping one out had been on my list for a while. Having now visited all but one state, I have seen so many great parts of this country. That planted a thought in my mind of maybe moving from New Jersey, where I grew up, to somewhere else. Earlier this year I finally decided to relocate to Charlotte, NC. I noticed the opening for the summer internship  and applied for it because of the amazing experience I had here volunteering last year and the wonderful people I met. Charlotte could wait until after the Summer!”

What have you learned about Fargo-Moorhead?
“I think the number one thing that has stood out in my short time here is how genuinely friendly and caring the people seem to be. I have never seen a community that looks after each other like I have here in Fargo. They seem to have adopted this son of NJ as one of their own! All of this has taught me that you can still find places where people care for their neighbors, and not just for themselves.”

If you could pick a superpower….what would it be?
“To be able to fly as fast as Superman, because there is so much of this planet I want to see, and I get impatient traveling by cars and planes. The views from the sky would be amazing!”

What would you like people to know about RMHCFargo?
“I would like them to know that it is more than a home away from home. This is a place where our guests can find a shoulder to lean on, and a person who will simply listen. When I see families that are going through the same difficult times interact with each other, and supporting each other, it reinforces the decision I made to work here for the Summer. The staff and volunteers who work here are the most amazing individuals I have ever met.”

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?
“I enjoy hiking. Your state has been a beautiful state to explore.”

Why didn’t you like lefsa?
“Because someone made me load it up with butter and sugar. “Show him!”

Tony has such a kind and generous heart, we have enjoyed having him here this summer working with us and for our families. He has become an important part of our staff, and we will miss him terribly when he leaves. We tried to make him move here, but he is afraid of Winter.

Thank you Tony, for all you do. We will miss you!