New House Tour

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We’re proud to give you a virtual tour of our new Ronald McDonald House – check it out!

picture of outdoor sign and exterior of house from the side

View of the new Ronald McDonald House as you enter the parking lot.


Sunny day, close up of brick exterior and front door with RMHC logo

Our wonderful front door! We are proud of our new address and honored to serve families here every day.


Lights are on, hardwood floor tile, blue lounge chairs, dining room tables in the distance

View as you enter the front door: staff board to the left, front desk (not pictured) to the right, lounge area and dining room straight ahead.


1 kitchen island, medium dark wood cabinetry, granite countertops

The volunteer kitchen where volunteers will cook meals and bake goodies for families staying at RMHC.


Family kitchen. Families have ample space to make a meal or grab a quick snack on the go here.


Dining room. There are five tables for families to use. A little nook with a computer is also available for families to use here.


Playroom. Already, this play house has been a huge hit with children who have come to stay or visit RMHC.


Teen/game room. This is a space for teens or adults to relax, play video games, watch TV or hang out.


Pinball machine in the teen/game room for guests interested in a game more old school than video games.


Magic room. The door opens only when you say the magic word! Once open, children can pick out one toy to help them feel more at home during their stay at the house. (This is Foss Architecture’s favorite room..ours too!)


Conference room. We plan to use this space for staff meetings, volunteer/intern training and Board meetings.


Hallway. Fun fact: the second and third floor have exactly the same layout.


Living room. Families are welcome to relax and lounge in this common area.


Kids can be just like their parents here too!


Laundry room. Guest are welcome to use laundry facilities as they need.


Bedroom. We opened in May with 17 completed rooms and 7 additional shelled out rooms for potential future expansion.


Bedroom. We also have capacity for two ADA accessible rooms.

To see even more pictures, please see our album on Facebook: .

If you missed tours of the new house at our Open House in May and would like to get a tour, please contact Erica Johnsrud, Development Director, at 701-232-3980 or

All picture credit goes to Britta The Photographer.