An interview with our builder: Nor-Son, Inc.

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Ron, inside the house, giving a tour of the office area

Ron Myrvold, Vice President of Construction – Fargo Operations, giving a tour of the new house.

Nor-Son, Inc. was the construction manager for our new Ronald McDonald House. The new house is located at 4757 Agassiz Crossing Dr. S. in Fargo, ND. The team we worked with at Nor-Son has been incredibly helpful, going above and beyond to ensure a successful and beautiful space for families to find comfort after a long day. Nor-Son has worked diligently so that the Ronald McDonald House in Fargo can continue helping families stay together.  It has been a delight working with the team at Nor-Son throughout the entire building process.

We interviewed Mark Korte of Nor-Son, Inc. so you can get to know the team too!  

1.Talk briefly about your role at Nor-Son, Inc. 

Director of Commercial Business Development is my title and I have been in this official capacity for approximately 24 months.  Prior to that, I estimated and ran commercial work as a project manager. 


Jake standing, Ron sitting in dining room area.

Ron and Jake, Construction Superintendent, sharing about the building process of the new house.

2. Can you talk a little bit about the history of Nor-Son, Inc.? 

Nor-son, Inc. will be celebrating our 40th year of business this summer.  We started our business in the Brainerd Lakes area and have expanded our presence to Fargo, ND and Wayzata, MN.  Between our three offices, we have over 170 employees ranging from Architects, Project Managers, Carpenters and Superintendents/Foreman. 




3. What made you interested in helping with the new Ronald McDonald House project? 

McDonalds Corporation has been a client of ours for over 25 years and we have become good friends with many of the Owner/Operators in the area, as well as direct employees of McDonalds Corp.  I don’t believe you can find a better bunch of people to call clients and friends.  We also do a tremendous amount of medical work in the area, including the last several years being involved on the new Sanford Hospital immediately to your West.  The passion, drive and desire regarding RMHC-RRV really rubbed off on us and our staff.  RMHC does a fantastic job of helping people and families in need and this fits right into our Corporate Culture.  Nor-Son, is extremely proud to participate in such a great project.


White sign with Nor-Son logo on fence surrounding new house building site

Nor-Son, Inc.

4. How did you have to be adaptable or flexible throughout the building process?

Our team had to spend a fair amount of time early on to develop bid packages that were most advantageous to the RMHC and your new house. Managing in kind donations while ensuring the quality and safety were not sacrificed takes a higher level of expertise. Throughout the construction, our team has learned to be fantastic tour guides for the visitors who wanted to see what was going on. 


5. What has been your favorite part of the new house project? 

Providing tours. Jake thinks he may change his career and devote 100% of his efforts to guiding tours. 


6. Describe the greatest challenge you faced or an unexpected surprise that came about during the process of completing the new house. 

The challenges of building the house were no more than normal.  The “great surprise” was the teamwork and collaboration shown by the RMHC staff, Foss Architects, Sanford Health, Nor-Son, Inc. and all the other vendors and tradespeople on the project.  All have done an awesome job. 

Jake, outside, signing a red and beam for house

Jake signing the final beam at the Topping Out ceremony.

7. What is your favorite room in the new house? 

Without a doubt, the “Magic Room”.  Nothing cooler. 


8. Is there something I missed? Is there anything final you would like to mention?

We wish all of our projects were as fun and enjoyable as the RMHC.  Thanks for having us. 


Thanks, Mark!