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Join us for the Sweetheart ball

Meet the Hulen Family

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“I was super scared when I found out I was having quintuplets,” Megan Hulen said. She and her husband Josh were a mix of ecstatic and terrified when doctors told them they were about to welcome in five babies, a one in 43 million chance.

When doctors advised the couple to deliver in Fargo, 278 miles from their hometown of Surrey, ND, Megan and Josh had a million questions, but after discovering there was a Ronald McDonald House, they felt instant relief. Familiar with Ronald McDonald House Charities after the birth of their second son in Colorado they knew they could once again count on RMHC!

“Being pregnant with that many babies made me high-risk, and it was already stressful not knowing what was coming or how things would progress. Staying at the House helped tremendously as it took a lot of stress off me, not just financially, but we were able to have our family together,” Megan said looking back.

For 73 nights, the Hulen’s stayed with their two boys – stress and cost-free! On September 2, 2020, within a matter of minutes, Allison, Madison, Emma, Adam, and Chloe were born with little complication – the first set of quintuplets in North Dakota!

To hear the full story, make sure to register for this year’s virtual Sweetheart Ball! Program and silent auction bidding is free, but you can order a Sweetheart Ball in a Box delivered straight to your door. Don’t wait!

Hoff Family

Cheers to One Year!

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“I never thought we would need to utilize any service of Ronald McDonald House Charities, but I’m so glad the room was there when we needed it,” said Kayla Hoff. Kayla and her husband, Aaron, are from the Fargo-Moorhead area and found comfort at the Ronald McDonald Family Room so they never had to be more than a few steps away from their baby Delilah who was born 7 weeks early.  

Delilah was whisked away quickly after birth to receive specialized care and learn to eat on her own when Aaron and Kayla’s nurses informed them of the Ronald McDonald Family Room -just steps away located within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Essentia Health. For 38 days, the Hoff family found a comfortable space where they were able to utilize the microwave and relaxing seating area as well as grab quick snacks when needed.  

It’s crazy to think that this time last year we were gearing up to open our Ronald McDonald Family Room! Because of the support from our community and volunteers, 256 families have found respite within the Ronald McDonald Family Room walls over the past year just like the Hoff Family. 

When Essentia Health did a remodel of their Neonatal Intensive Care Unitwe were ecstatic to be a part of it with a Ronald McDonald Family Room – the first ever in North Dakota. This area is equipped with a shower, kitchenette, and comfortable chairs for parents and family members to rest and recharge in the hospital just steps away from their baby 

We are excited to continue this service of keeping families just steps away from their critically-ill kids for years to come! 

Baby in pink graduation cap

Baby Delilah graduating from NICU

Support local business by rounding up your change

Round UP for RMHC!

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Small change can make a BIG difference!

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in your favorite store. You’ve brought your items to the counter and before the cashier says your total, they ask “Would you like to round up your change for charity?” Are you the person that says “YES!”? Now you can do that with all your purchases from all your favorite stores!  

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley has a new exciting way to donate 

During this uncertain time of COVID-19, we know you’re making hard decisions about where to put your dollars. Businesses and nonprofits are struggling and are looking for ways to make sure they can make it through.  

Your spare change can make a BIG difference for RMHC while you are making your daily purchases!  

Introducing Round Up  

  1. Simply text RMHCFargo to 269-89. 
  2. Connect your most used card.  
  3. Your round-up change on purchases (when you use the card you connected) gets donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley 
  4. Your accumulated change from your monthly purchases with your connected card will be withdrawn from your account and automatically donated to RMHC-RRV at the end of each month 

ExampleWhen your purchase totals $13.49, you charge will be rounded up $14 with $.51 being donated to RMHC-RRV.  

Please Note:  You are able to set a max dollar amount for your change accumulation in your profile.  

Support local business and support RMHC! Consider picking up your favorite supper for curbside pickup and the total is $26.04 – the remainder $0.96 is donated to support families staying close to their critically ill child. Although it doesn’t seem like much, a month of spending and saving your round-up change adds up to make a BIG difference!  

To sign up: Text RMHCFargo to 269-89 or click here to get started!

The Hay Family

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“She has blood on her brain” are terrifying words a mother never wants to hear. The emergency room team prepared Talia for the helicopter ride to Fargo, Michelle and Alfonso Hay immediately got in their car to drive the 80 miles from Grand Forks to Fargo.

Talia Hay started her 7th day of her freshman year of high school walking down the hall to class. All of a sudden her head started pounding with excruciating pain. When she got to the nurse’s office, Talia became unresponsive and incoherent. She was rushed by ambulance to the hospital in Grand Forks. After a CT scan, they found Talia had blood on her brain. She needed a specialist. In Fargo.

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