Amelia Doubek, A Family Story

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Amelia Doubek was born September 15th, 2014. Amelia was 25 weeks and weighed in at 1 lb 5 oz. When Amelia was born she had respiratory failure, anemia, hypotension, low blood sugar, & PH imbalance. She had to be brought to Fargo immediately.

Amelia’s mom Sarah had to stay in the hospital for a few days, but when she was released Sarah & her husband Josh went straight to be by Amelia’s side. It didn’t matter how long they would be away from home, they wanted to be with Amelia.

Where they would stay was the last thing on their minds as they traveled over 250 miles from Minot to be with their beautiful baby girl.

When Sarah & Josh arrived in Fargo they were told that there was a place for them at the Ronald McDonald House and they could stay as long as Amelia was in the hospital. They were relieved to know that there was a place to stay that wasn’t going to be expensive. Sarah said,

“We believe that being able to be there with Amelia was a huge part in her recovery. The doctors tell you that when parents are there more,Amelia 2 that the babies usually do much better and we were there pretty much every day.”

Besides being close to Amelia, Sarah & Josh really appreciated the support they found in the staff and other parents staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Having a support system of others who knew what they were going through meant so much. Sarah said, “I remember feeling like it was ‘home’… we were joking like you would joke with a sibling and it just made me feel like I was in a family. It was so great to have such a comforting feeling in such a scary time.”

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