Photo of RMHC beds

Happy World Sleep Day!

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Have you ever laid on a comfortable mattress and let the muscles you didn’t know were tense relax? We’ve all been there, but for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House, that might be their first restful moment of the day. Whether they’ve been surrounded by beeping machines in the NICU with their premature baby or are dealing with a racing mind thinking of upcoming chemotherapy treatments their child soon endure, we know families need a good night’s sleep. Thanks to Ronald McDonald House Charities’ partnership with Tempur Sealy International, families can rest their bodies and recharge their minds on our wonderful Tempur-Pedic mattresses that they generously donated 

Thank you to the Tempur Sealy International team for providing 34 mattresses for our 17 guest rooms to help our families get a good night’s rest and stay strong for their children receiving medical treatment. This contribution makes a tremendous impact on our families so they can continue to care for and support their sick child in the hospital 


Join us for the Sweetheart ball

Meet the Hulen Family

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“I was super scared when I found out I was having quintuplets,” Megan Hulen said. She and her husband Josh were a mix of ecstatic and terrified when doctors told them they were about to welcome in five babies, a one in 43 million chance.

When doctors advised the couple to deliver in Fargo, 278 miles from their hometown of Surrey, ND, Megan and Josh had a million questions, but after discovering there was a Ronald McDonald House, they felt instant relief. Familiar with Ronald McDonald House Charities after the birth of their second son in Colorado they knew they could once again count on RMHC!

“Being pregnant with that many babies made me high-risk, and it was already stressful not knowing what was coming or how things would progress. Staying at the House helped tremendously as it took a lot of stress off me, not just financially, but we were able to have our family together,” Megan said looking back.

For 73 nights, the Hulen’s stayed with their two boys – stress and cost-free! On September 2, 2020, within a matter of minutes, Allison, Madison, Emma, Adam, and Chloe were born with little complication – the first set of quintuplets in North Dakota!

To hear the full story, make sure to register for this year’s virtual Sweetheart Ball! Program and silent auction bidding is free, but you can order a Sweetheart Ball in a Box delivered straight to your door. Don’t wait!

Merry Christmas text on photo of Christmas store

“Home Away from Home” for the Holidays

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The holiday season is stressful enough… add in a pandemic… and a sick child, and you have many families with a big weight on their shoulders. We want to ease every burden a family may have while they’re staying with us and that includes Christmas shopping!  

As you walk into our conference room, you’re met with much more than a typical meeting space. There are shelves surrounding the walls and toys galore on each shelf. We make sure to have a little something for everyone as moms shop for sons, dads shop for daughters, or sons and daughters shop for moms and dads. Holiday movies play in the background as families enter, wide-eyed and thankful for the experience to choose whatever they’d like for the people they love most – family!  

During one shopping trip with a family, a mom looked over wide-eyed and bewildered and said “This is all donated?” It’s an honor to help parents look for things they know their children will love. “He loves LEGOs so I think he will love this LEGO set,” the mom said as she looked for a gift for her middle son.  

We were even able to share some Christmas spirit with the families using our Ronald McDonald Family Room at Essentia Health when we delivered a bundle of gifts for each family! Each basket was filled with gifts for the whole family – patients, siblings, and parents. 

This experience is made possible by the tremendous support of so many businesses and individuals in this community! Without you, we could not give the biggest gift of the season: peace of mind.  

We wish you a very Merry Christmas, from our joy-filled House to yours!  


Baby in NICU

We’re Celebrating Prematurity Awareness Month!

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This Prematurity Awareness Month, we’d like to shine some awareness on so many families who leave the hospital after giving birth without their babyDuring one of the scariest and uncertain times of new parents’ livesRonald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley is there with more than just a bed to sleep in. This month is near and dear to our hearts because 44% of the families we served in 2019 were here because of their premature baby who was fighting every day in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  

Through their stay, we are here to offer support and want to make sure that all a family has to worry about is helping their childMany of the parents we serve did not have time to prepare at home before their baby arrived. We hope to ease some of those strains by providing some essentials parents may need in our Petite Boutique! Here, parents can fill a bag of items they may not have had time to grab because their bundle of joy made an early appearance into the world. Preemies need smaller clothes and diapers so many families grab those items, as well as blankets, toys, bottles and so much more! Thanks to community donations, this room is a saving grace for families as they transition into their new home routine. Together, we can give every family the best possible start.  

If you’d like to help support families with babies born prematurely, please check out our wishlist for the Petite Boutique!

Stripes #forRMHC from past RMHC Families

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We want to say thank you to everyone who participated last week in showing their support #forRMHC. We want to say an extra thank you to past RMHC families who allowed us to share their photos & stories during the week. These families have lived through the trials and triumphs that come with the NICU journey. Although they each have a different story, one thing unites them: they all recharged each night at the Ronald McDonald House in Fargo ready to face whatever the next day brought them.  



Alex and Sydney Bata’s birth of their son Lincoln wasn’t easy despite having no problems during pregnancy. Lincoln was immediately airlifted to Sanford Health in Fargo after being intubated because he wasn’t breathing and had signs of seizure activity so doctors placed him on a “cooling mat” where his little body had a better chance of recoveryFor 11 days, the Bata family had privacy to deal with their traumatic circumstances. They were able to worry about Lincoln instead of worrying about whether they were going to be able to stay in Fargo which a choice no family should have to make.  

Two year old Lincoln wearing stripes socks

Lincoln is #forRMHC

Lincoln recently turned two and loves to help his dad in the tractor and play with the family dogs. He’s a healthy growing boy who proudly showed his stripes #forRMHC! 


The Kezer family is no stranger to advocating for RMHC. She was our featured family speaker at our golf tournament in 2019 where she talked about the blur of her son’s birth. Due to preeclampsia, doctors determined it was safer for her and her son if he were delivered at 35 weeks. William weighed 4 pounds, was in respiratory distress, and had to be delivered by emergency cesarean. His first 10 days were spent growing strong in the NICU. During this time, Beth found numerous comforts of home at the Ronald McDonald House.  

Beth is a wonderful advocate for RMHC after living through the experience. She continues to encourage people to collect their pop tabs or donate time, money or resources. “YOU are making a significant impact on the lives of so many families in our community who are going through the emotional turmoil of having sick children.” 

William wearing his striped socks surrounded by pop tabs

William is #forRMHC


The words that Nicole and Travis used to describe RMHC were “life-giving. Togetherness. Community. Family.” When they checked in at 31 weeks, Nicole was battling high liver enzymes in relation to her type 1 diabetes. Thankfully, after a week and a half in the hospital, Nicole’s levels stabilized and doctors said they could be discharged if they stayed close to the hospital. With home being 100 miles away, they turned to RMHC. For 31 days, Nicole was close to appointments and had a sense of “home” as she waited for her baby to arrive.  

Exactly one year after the death of their baby Cameron, who was stillbornNikaia was born healthy at 8 pounds, 21 inches long, and had the same black wavy hair her brother had.  

The Burley Family gathered and wearing their stripes

The Burley’s are #forRMHC


Baby Jacob joined the world 6 weeks early after an unplanned emergency cesarean at Essentia Hospital in Fargo, ND. His parents had no more than the shirts on their backs when they arrive at Ronald McDonald House. During the 2019 Sweetheart Ball, Luke and Melinda retold their story to over 400 people and expressed how thankful they were for the donations of supplies for their newborn and themselves. During times of unrest, Melinda would go to the kitchen, make a cup of tea, and enjoy the solace that was around her.  

During a weekend when their 4 other children visited, they had a blast with the games, crafts, and snacks that they didn’t want to leave! The Ronald McDonald House became a place for the whole family to relax and set their minds at ease after full days in the NICU.  

Davidson's showing their stripes #forRMHC

The Davidson family is seeing stripes #forRMHC

Hoff Family

Cheers to One Year!

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“I never thought we would need to utilize any service of Ronald McDonald House Charities, but I’m so glad the room was there when we needed it,” said Kayla Hoff. Kayla and her husband, Aaron, are from the Fargo-Moorhead area and found comfort at the Ronald McDonald Family Room so they never had to be more than a few steps away from their baby Delilah who was born 7 weeks early.  

Delilah was whisked away quickly after birth to receive specialized care and learn to eat on her own when Aaron and Kayla’s nurses informed them of the Ronald McDonald Family Room -just steps away located within the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Essentia Health. For 38 days, the Hoff family found a comfortable space where they were able to utilize the microwave and relaxing seating area as well as grab quick snacks when needed.  

It’s crazy to think that this time last year we were gearing up to open our Ronald McDonald Family Room! Because of the support from our community and volunteers, 256 families have found respite within the Ronald McDonald Family Room walls over the past year just like the Hoff Family. 

When Essentia Health did a remodel of their Neonatal Intensive Care Unitwe were ecstatic to be a part of it with a Ronald McDonald Family Room – the first ever in North Dakota. This area is equipped with a shower, kitchenette, and comfortable chairs for parents and family members to rest and recharge in the hospital just steps away from their baby 

We are excited to continue this service of keeping families just steps away from their critically-ill kids for years to come! 

Baby in pink graduation cap

Baby Delilah graduating from NICU

Thank you post with golfers

We had a swingin’ good time fore RMHC

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A month that starts with fireworks is sure to be exciting. This July, we held our 2020 RMHC of the Red River Valley Golf Tournament Presented by McDonald’s Restaurants a little differently than last year, and it was still a big hit!  

Admittedly, when we first started planning the tournament, we were nervous but on July 12, 13, & 14, 124 golfers took to the course at Meadows Golf Course in Moorhead, MN, to help support the RMHC mission! With the generosity of our community, we were able to offer swag bags full of goodies, a bingo card to win a drawing, and we encouraged use of the hashtag #ForeRMHC so we could follow along!  

To help share our mission, we added new hole signs with correlating fun facts about Ronald McDonald House & Ronald McDonald Family room. These included things such as: 

  • Hole 2: There are TWO living rooms & laundry rooms for families to relax, hang-out, and do some laundry. 
  • Hole 12: In 2015, a second Ronald McDonald House location was added in Fargo at 1330 18th Ave S, raising the capacity to TWELVE families. 
  • Hole 18: In 2018, we opened the new Ronald McDonald House that has an art room, game room, playroom, two kitchens, and so much more to better serve family needs. 

In total, we were able to raise over $29,000 towards keeping families together while they stay near to their critically ill child in the hospital. 

Recurring donations make a world of difference dad daughter donate

Monthly Donations Make a HUGE Difference!

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How many of us love convenience? No, I’m not talking about the convenience store down the road – although I do love them. I’m talking about the plethora of subscription-based services that automatically ship our deodorants, dog foods, and even toilet paper! What if I told you that your donations to keeping families close to their sick children could also be that convenient! 

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley hosts up to 17 families and provides a “home away from home” 365 days a year. Because of that, we rely heavily on donations from people just like you to help us support these families. Each dollar donated by someone who believes in our mission matters so much to us. 

RMHC – RRV has a monthly donation option so donating is easier than ever – there are no checks in the mail or reminder emails. For $20 a month, you can provide a free night stay to over 400 RMHC families a year. A monthly donor allows us to better predict our future plans which leads to a better overall organization.  

Here are some ways you can sign up to support families each month!  

  • Click here & specify how often you want to make your donation.  
  • Text RMHCFargo to 269-89 to sign up for monthly donations or Round Up your spare change on every purchase to generate a monthly donation! 
hand holding heart with RMHC logo and a support button

Buying local supports RMHC!

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As we face the uncertainty that has come with COVID-19, we have seen the power of community in the Fargo Moorhead area. We want to continue to support those who have supported us this past year. In February, we asked companies for their support in our Sweetheart Ball. Listed below are the companies that made our Annual Sweetheart Ball a huge success!  

Did you know that you can support these local businesses and support RMHC at the same time?! Check out more information on our NEW Round-up program here or simply Text RMHCFargo to 269-89 and connect your debit or credit card so you can start collecting your spare change for a donation to help families stay together.  

So many businesses have come up with innovative ways to stay open to their customers during this time! 

Support Local + Do Good = Win Win Win  



Adae Salon

Affinity Day Spa and Salon

Altaire Clinic

Blonde Ambition

Blush Salon


Edward Arthur & Co Salon 

Hair By Amy Rose

Josef’s School of Hair, Skin and Body

Salon Biz – Joelle King



Chipper, LLC

Flint Group

Midwest Communications





4e Winery 

Babb’s Coffee House

Beans Coffee Bar

Dr. Pepper

Fargo Brewing Co.

Front Street Taproom

Happy Harry’s

Johnson Brothers

Junkyard Brewing

Red River Coffee Co.



Blackbird Woodfire Pizza



Cakes by Althea



Lucky Pub 13

McDonald’s Dakotas Association 

Porter Creek

Rustica Eatery

Sandy’s Donuts

Swanson Health

Wurst Bier Hall



Chanhassen Dinner Theatres

Fargo Pinball

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

Trollwood Performing Arts School 




Bell Bank – Pay It Forward

American Federal

Brady Martz & Associates P.C.

First Community Credit Union

First International Bank & Trust

Gate City Bank

Legacy Financial Partners

Payroll Express, Inc.

Eide Bailly, LLP

Cornerstone Bank



Courts Plus

Conquer Ninja Gyms – Fargo

Ecce Yoga

EHP Crossfit

Foss Swim School



521 Handmade

Carrie’s Twisted Art


Classic Floral


Clothes Mentor


Kayla Cash , Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant: 


Leelah and Lavender

Mall of America

Nodak Woodworks

Northside Quilters 


CI Sport


Taea Made

The Fancy Dinosaur


West Acres Development



701 Chiropractic

Dakota Pediatric Dentistry

Eyes on Broadway

Family Healthcare

Friendly Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry

Essentia Health Optical

Essentia Health

Glacial Peak Cryotherapy

Maple Family Dentistry

Prairie St. John’s

Sanford Health

Strive Chiropractic

Strive Life Grand Forks

YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties

Center for Special Surgery



Delta Hotels Fargo

Club House Hotels

Grand View Lodge




Bohemian Blu

Crown Jewels

Gunderson’s Jewelry

Karin Jacobson Design

Marc’s on Main

Riddle’s Jewelry



Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

Turman & Lang, Ltd

Zimney Foster



Bobcat Company

Butler Machinery Company

R.D. Offutt Company/RDO Equipment

Snap-on Industrial

Titan Machinery



Elena K Photography

Evan Bond Portraits

mjoy Photography

Scherling Photography



Accent Kitchen and Bath


Allegiance Fundraising Group

Arneson Ovsak Agency



Animal Health Clinic

Baldinger – Sons Bakeries

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota

Bergseth Bros

Beverage Wholesalers 

BNG Team

Cullen Children’s Foundation

Dacotah Paper Co

Dakota Medical Foundation

Dale Carnegie of ND & MN

DS Beverages

Foss Architecture and Interiors

Grotberg Electric

Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home

Herzog Roofing




Mode Travel – Katie Kapel

Network Center Inc.

Office Sign Company

Otter Tail Corporation

RHI Supply

Preference Employment Solutions

Sunshine & 79

Universal Carpet Service, LLC

Wags N Whiskers Pet Grooming

Wags Stay N Play Boarding and Daycare

Xcel Energy



Fargo Park District


Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks

King’s Walk Golf Course

Maple River Golf Club

Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Twins

Minot Country Club

Mizuno Golf

Moorhead Country Club

Oxbow Country Club

St. Paul Saints

The Preserve at Grand View Lodge


Support local business by rounding up your change

Round UP for RMHC!

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Small change can make a BIG difference!

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re in your favorite store. You’ve brought your items to the counter and before the cashier says your total, they ask “Would you like to round up your change for charity?” Are you the person that says “YES!”? Now you can do that with all your purchases from all your favorite stores!  

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley has a new exciting way to donate 

During this uncertain time of COVID-19, we know you’re making hard decisions about where to put your dollars. Businesses and nonprofits are struggling and are looking for ways to make sure they can make it through.  

Your spare change can make a BIG difference for RMHC while you are making your daily purchases!  

Introducing Round Up  

  1. Simply text RMHCFargo to 269-89. 
  2. Connect your most used card.  
  3. Your round-up change on purchases (when you use the card you connected) gets donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Red River Valley 
  4. Your accumulated change from your monthly purchases with your connected card will be withdrawn from your account and automatically donated to RMHC-RRV at the end of each month 

ExampleWhen your purchase totals $13.49, you charge will be rounded up $14 with $.51 being donated to RMHC-RRV.  

Please Note:  You are able to set a max dollar amount for your change accumulation in your profile.  

Support local business and support RMHC! Consider picking up your favorite supper for curbside pickup and the total is $26.04 – the remainder $0.96 is donated to support families staying close to their critically ill child. Although it doesn’t seem like much, a month of spending and saving your round-up change adds up to make a BIG difference!  

To sign up: Text RMHCFargo to 269-89 or click here to get started!